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From My Journal

My biggest passion in life has always been FASHION.

I am originally from Chile. I lived in Europe and the Caribbean as well as the United States.  I have seen many countries and have observed women in many settings. In my past I fashion modeled and worked in news media in Chile; I established a Monday Makeover edition on a local U.S. news network in 2009; organized, hosted and ran several fashion shows in Curaçao and the U.S.; designed my own clothing; and successfully published the first blog starting in 2014.

But what is fashion to me ?  I believe that fashion is creating our own style.  It is a way to speak without words.  It is the language of the colors, textures and fabrics, that speaks for you.  Fashion to me is pure art.

Nothing fascinates me more, than to walk on the street and look at different people with different outfits; and if you look at the big picture, it is like a rainbow of different colors!

The streets to me, and the decoration in the stores, are all like and open museums with the most amazing pieces of culture.

Each one of us are an original work of art, because of the way we choose colors, makeup and accessories when we get dressed every day. That’s how we say to the world who we are.

I don’t follow fashion,  I am fashion… are fashion too!!

When I talk about clothes, accessories, and makeup, I’m not just talking about what is in style this season, I’m talking about what I like, what represents my personality.

I want to share with each of you my thoughts and ideas about how we can walk everyday on the “Runway of Life” feeling fabulous without spending lots of money, because fashion is not about money, it’s about taste, it’s about class!

As women, we all have one thing in common, we love fashion, and I’m totally sure in all kinds of different ways, but what makes fashion (or should I just say style) so amazing, is that we are all unique in our own way.

I am so X-cited about StunningChic Fashion because I want to communicate with each and everyone of you, and I hope vice versa…and we can all have so much fun talking about fashion.

I open my heart and ideas to you, and I hope you can open yours as well.

Remember always:

It doesn’t take a fortune to looks fabulous.
The world is your runway.
And we are all the top models.