Introducing Paz Moresco

Hello everyone,

I am back on my blog again, and this time more inspired that ever before!

So when it is about fashion, I always look for something different, something that could take my breath away.

Every day we see more and more new designers at the Catwalk. But nothing has really impressed me until recently, when I had the great opportunity on my last trip to Chile to meet one of the most amazing Chilean designers. With a distinctly refined sense of style, and very a impressive portfolio, let me introduce all of you to the incredible Paz Moresco.

First, I want to say it was an absolute honor to be a guest at one of her Haute Couture fashion shows.

From the very first minute the event started, I felt like every dress spoke directly to me through the elegance, class and glamour of their designs. Each and every one was its own unique piece artwork. Every dress told its own story upon the models' bodies, and you could totally see Paz's high-end talent and dedication to perfection. She deeply inspired me with het innovative use of different elements and fabric, that to me, represents what all women are looking for: delicate femininity and elegant sophistication.

As you all know, I am a big fan of
Coco Chanel, and to be honest,
Paz reminds me of her, but of course with her own unique signature.

There is no doubt in my mind that her name will cross borders and soon become respected and recognized by the world-wide fashion industry.

Two days after the show, I was so happy to also sit down with Paz at her special atelier, and learn about her special creations right where all the magic happens.

Some of her hand-made dresses take months to be finish because there is so much detail involved. So when I hear reference to high-end fashion, I now immediately think of Paz Moresco.

In talking with her, I learned so much about her journey through life and how she came to fall in love with fashion. Her beautiful fashion story began at the early age of 6 when she would go with her mother to the local seamstress and ask to have dresses made from patterns that she drew herself. She would also pick out contrasting fabrics and make her own creative combinations.

By the time she was only 7 years old, she realized just how much passion she had for fashion as she began to hand-sow cloths for her Barbies. She made history for first time when, at the age of just 8, she won a best design contest for Barbie Magazine.

An associate of her father also had a boutique that imported all of their textiles from France. She remembers the first time she visited that shop, and that with her fascination of all the pearls and exquisite embroidery on the fabrics that glimmered in her eyes, she knew right away, from that very moment, that she wanted to be a fashion designer.

From there, she grew up determined to follow her own dreams even though her mother wanted her to study medicine. So, as she also remembers, she would draw dresses in her math books, thinking about one day becoming a Chilean Coco Chanel with her own fabulous personal style.

She started her professional fashion career at the prestigious designer university in Chile, DuocUC. After graduation, she landed her first true job in the profession designing cloths for the Catholic University Theater, where she also completed her thesis.

She designed costumes for the famous Spanish theatrical play, Don Quijote de La Mancha, at the University of Chile, and later also for Peter Pan.

Today, her name is well establish in Chile, and during recent years she had many achievements. Famous celebrities are already wearing her designs at the Red Carpet on both the national and international levels, and she has also taught Fashion Design at various locations such as the Chile University.

Now, with a successful career rolling, one of her biggest dreams still to come is to open the Casa Moresco; where she can educate talented new students and pass along her legacy to the next generation of Chilean designers. She said, that after working for 15 years as a designer, it is high time for her to open new frontiers and show everyone that Chile is so ready to dress all women around the world. Additionally, she also includes many metals and gemstone typical from Chile in her designs, such as Copper, Silver and the beautiful Lapis Lazuli. But most importantly to me of course, is that she has also started a new accessories line.

She truly believes, with her own experience and talent, as well that of the talented new fashion designers ( her students ), that Chile is ready to conquer the fashion world.

For Paz Moresco, the Sky is the limit.

After seeing with my own eyes what Paz Moresco is all about, I can totally say she understands and expresses the concept of true fashion, and for that I am her biggest fan !!!

Here in this post today, I want to share with all of you that I am so honored to now be the international ambassador for Moresco House, and I am so excited to show all of you a few of her exclusive dresses.

Stay Fabulous!!